New Rules Introduced in 2023

  • Shoes can now be different colours from each other

New Rules & Mechanics Introduced in 2022

  • Playing Time -- for fouls committed at/near end of quarter, officials should determine the remaining playing time, which shall be at least 0.1 seconds (ie no longer have shots for shooting foul after time has expired)
  • Team Bench -- Home team shall have the bench to the LEFT of the scorer's table; shall warm-up for the first half at the basket to the LEFT of the scorer's table (ie shoot toward bench in FIRST half)
  • Alternating Possession  -- initial setting of possession arrow goes to the team that does not gain the first team control of a live ball after the jump ball  (no longer requires first "on-court" live ball)
  • Throw-in foul -- throw-in foul is committed when, during the last 2 minutes,  a defensive player commits a foul during a throw-in prior to the ball being released.  Penalty: 1 free throw for the player who was fouled, plus possession at point nearest where the foul occurred.
  • Unsportsmanlike Foul -- throw-in foul during the last 2 minutes is no longer considered an unsportsmanlike foul
                                        -- C4 options (clear path) clarified to include 1/ progressing player with possession; 2/ player progressing to obtain possession; or 3/ player progressing to receive a pass
  • New mechanic - Jan , 2023:  on free throws, trail official no longer signals successful free throw, nor do they chop in time after unsuccessful final free throw.  After giving "1/2/3" free throw signal, hands are dropped to the side with no further signals.
  • New mechanics for "illegal cylinder" foul,  "goaltending", and "coach's video challenge"
  • New mechanic to have a "warning whistle" before putting ball back in play at start of every period, and following any "extended" stoppage (ie after timeout, or long delay)

New Mechanic Introduced in 2021

  • ALL free throw violations are to be blown down, regardless of the free throw being successful
    • if the free throw is successful, the whistle is still to be blown (whistleas soon as shot is released), successful free throw acknowledged, violation noted, and ball put back in play as would normally happen following the successful free throw

New Rules Introduced in 2020

  • Act of Shooting - difference defined between a stationary shooter (now requires "upward movement") and continuous from dribble ("gather the ball")
  • Contact Principles - "cylinder" definition expanded to now include offensive players
  • Double Foul - 2018 change rescinded; now consider "foul category" -- personal and unsportsmanlike/disqualifying to for consideration as double foul
  • Unsportsmanlike Foul - on a fast break possibility (C4 rule), possession need not yet be established

New Rules Introduced in 2018

  • Shot Clock - all new possession throw-ins in front court shall receive a 14 second shot clock
  • Technical Fouls - 1 free throw, and game resumed at point of interruption
  • Last 2 minutes - if a team has a backcourt throw-in and that team calls time-out, the Coach has the option of a front-court or backcourt throw-in.  Decision communicated at end of timeout; once communicated, it cannot be changed.
  • throw-ins following Unsportsmanlike & Disqualifying fouls to occur at the frontcourt throw-in line
  • deliberately throwing the ball against the backboard is no longer considered to be a dribble
  • Double Foul - all penalties now considered (ie bonus situation must be considered)

New Rules & Mechanics Introduced in 2017

  • Travel rule -- introduction of the "zero step".  For a player in motion, the pivot foot is not established until the first step AFTER the ball is secured.
  • Unsportsmanlike fouls -- contact by the defensive player with no legitimate attempt to play the ball in order to stop the progress of the offensive team in transition
  • Players are disqualified if they accumulate 2 Techs, 2 Unsportsmanlikes, or 1 Tech + 1 Unsportsmanlike
  • At the HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL, T-shirts & compression shirts must abide by the black/white/dominant colour rule for ALL players on the team beginning JANUARY 1, 2018.  The rule regarding accessories will not be enforced.
    For all levels below high school, there is no enforcement of either the shirt colours, or the accessory colours rule.
  • Should a player in the act of shooting be fouled, and the player opts to pass the ball, he is no longer considered to be in the act of shooting
  • new mechanic - crew chief to blow their whistle prior to the opening jump, and prior to putting the ball in play for each period

New Mechanics Introduced in 2015

  • On lead-administered throw-ins, the trail official shall mirror the lead official’s “time-in chop
  • On offensive-end, baseline throw-ins, the lead official shall administer the throw-in on the “outside” of the ball (ie NOT ‘ass-to-glass’).  This may result in the lead & trail officials switching sides on the court to allow the lead to be on the outside.

Rule Differences from FIBA

Unless noted below, FIBA’s complete rule set is in effect. The following are the only modifications from the 2020 FIBA rule book to be used in games played at HIGH SCHOOL or LOWER classifications.

U11 - many differences -- see the BNB Mini Rules

U13/U14- no  half-court zone defense permitted; 10 second backcourt; 30 second shot clock; 5 minute halftime; 8 minute quarters;

Middle School -- All levels (Varsity, Tier 2, JV, Grade 6) will be following the U13/U14 BNB Rules

NBIAA High School -- MERCY RULE     NEW for 2021 
For all high school games, should a team achieve a 40 point lead at any point during the 4th quarter, the game clock shall be run straight time for the remainder of the game.   Once straight time starts running, it will not stop.   As shot clocks are attached to the main clock in most gyms, shot clocks will be turned off if playing straight time.
[Note in 2023... coach option to still play stop time has been ELIMINATED]

Intervals of Play
The half-time interval shall be 10 minutes at the High School level, and 5 minutes for lower levels.

T-Shirts under Uniforms
T-shirts may be worn under uniforms; undergarments may be worn under shorts.

At the HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL, T-shirts & compression shirts must abide by the "colour rule".  Accessories of any colour are permitted.
For all levels below high school, there is no enforcement of either shirt colour, or accessory colour.

New court markings are not being adopted (restricted area, 3-point line, no-charge semi-circle). In cases where only the ‘new’ key is painted, this is to be used; otherwise, the trapezoid is still in effect.
**Never use the narrow rectangle key unless it is the only option.**

Throw-in in last 2 minutes when ball is advanced following time out
Since the “throw-in line” does not exist on provincial floors, a team advancing the throw-in due to a timeout shall take the resulting throw-in on the sideline opposite the scorer’s table at a point equal to the top of the existing 3-point line.

Shot Clock reset on offensive rebound
This rule has not been adopted; therefore, a team securing an offensive rebound shall receive a full 24 second reset of the shot clock.

Zone Meeting Minutes